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SAE Melbourne has greatly expanded its facilities, moving into the adjacent building and fitting it out with a huge new staff area, five new classrooms, a 285sqm sound stage, four new film editing and grading suites and a new studio control room, home to a new 32-channel Avid S6 M40. Also part of the upgrades include two new Audient ASP4816s.

Studio technician Brad Toan: “The Audient desks give commencing students an introduction to signal flow, basic patching, microphone techniques and a good insight into mixing — pan and level.” The new desks are installed in identical studios, each exactly mirroring each other, creating a consistency between the two. “Of course these smaller consoles are a great stepping stone to the ASP8024 as well,” continues Toan, referring to the large format, 48-channel Audient desk with Dual Layer Control previously purchased by SAE Melbourne.

The ASP4816s have all the features of the flagship Audient desk, including the Dearden-designed mic pres, but in a compact and ergonomic form.

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