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dbtechnologies at Threadgill's

Threadgill’s is a restaurant and live music house in Austin, Texas that’s been around since 1933, and hosted artists like Jerry Lee Lewis, Willy Nelson and Janis Joplin. For the 2016 South by Southwest music festival (SXSW) Threadgill’s hosted multiple bands over several days on its outdoor stage equipped with dB Technologies line arrays, stage monitors and subwoofers.

FOH engineer Jay Thomas suggested to Threadgill’s that they replace the existing outdoor system during SXSW to compete with other venues and to serve the large crowds expected for the festival. Based on that suggestion, a dB Technologies line array system was installed for the six days of the festival, along with four single-18” active subwoofers and a pair of line arrays ground-stacked to cover the outer bar area. The stage included four dB Technologies 12-inch active monitors and a single dB Technologies 15-inch drum monitor. Threadgill’s outdoor stage doesn’t have rigging points, so the line arrays and subs were ground stacked using dB Technologies fly bars to maintain proper spacing and orientation. The loudspeaker system, which features polypropylene enclosures and rear rain covers, was left outside for the six-day festival.

FOH engineer Andrew Twenter mixed many of the groups at Threadgill’s during SXSW. He said, “The dB Technologies arrays and subs were impressively cleaner sounding than the house system with more definition and clarity especially in the vocal range. I also really enjoyed the monitors which sounded great even after being ‘rung out.’”

Jay Thomas said, “When I got on the rig with [Austin-based artist] Bob Schneider, it was great. The system was crisp and clear and it had plenty of low-end but the sound was tight and it filled the house.” Thomas said that he needed very little EQ on the mains or monitors and had no feedback problems for Schneider’s performance. He added, “I’d be happy to do that rig at any venue.”

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