This Slim Blue Mic Won’t Steal Your Thunder

Published On January 17, 2019 | News, News

Snowballs, Biscuits, big plump Yeti desktop monoliths. Blue products have always stood out on the desk of podcasters and streamers. Blue has done a great job of turning the computer mic into something a little more desirable, better sounding and more attractive than the old grey gooseneck.

But big and bold doesn’t always fly on camera, and Blue is doing something about that with the Ember condenser microphone. It’s slim, with just over a 3cm diameter, it has a girth closer to a thick pencil condenser than a traditional side address condenser. It’s also short, at barely over 20cm, meaning it’ll be where you want it with covering your face on camera. But it maintains Blue’s knack for colour ways and designs that make affordable mics look good, so when you do see it, it’s not a turn off.

Ember is a relatively standard side address condenser. It’s got an XLR connector, not USB, and there’s no headphone amp built-in. No details on whether it’s small diaphragm, but assuming so. It also has a cardioid pattern, is phantom powered, can handle 132dB SPL, and Blue says it has a healthy output. It comes with a stand mount, but can also be used with Blue’s B3 suspension mount and Compass boom arm accessories.

It’s available now for $189.

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