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tascam dr-701d field recorder

Tascam has released a brand new recorder designed for use with DSLRs: the DR-701D 6-Track Field Recorder.

The new recorder features dual built-in omnidirectional microphones, four XLR/TRS inputs with phantom power which are capable of recording up to six tracks simultaneously, a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack input and a multi-band limiter. It is capable of recording up to 16/24-bit, 44.1/48/96/192kHz in WAV or BWF and features a 1/4″-20 thread on the bottom for tripod mounting, removable camera or cage system attachment.

It has an HDMI input that can connect to a DSLR’s HDMI output, allowing users to record sound remotely via the camera’s HDMI signal triggering. Also, with cameras that support timecode via HDMI, the DR-701D will follow the timecode and embed it to the recorded file for in-post syncing. Additionally, captured audio can be synced to incoming video and timecode and the combined signal can then be connected to other monitor recorders via HDMI. The recorder can also lock to SMPTE timecode coming into its BNC connector.

The unit is powered by four AA batteries, Tascam has said that when using lithium batteries (with the internal clock, and phantom power on two inputs), the unit is able record for over five hours at 16-bit/48kHz. The recorder supports a variety of media cards, including SD, SDHC, or SDXC cards up to 128 GB.

The recorder also features a camera out mini-jack that allows you to record the output of the unit to your camera’s memory which can be used as a sync reference in post, and a camera-in mini-jack which allows you to playback the camera’s audio and monitor from the headphone outputs.

The Tascam DR-701D is available in parts of the USA now and will be available in Australia in Feb 2016 with a RRP of AU$1299.

More info:
Tascam: www.tascam.com/dr-701d
Australian Distributor: www.cmi.com.au


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