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presonus studio one v3.2 screenshot console emulation

Presonus has released Studio One 3.2, a substantial update for Studio One 3.

New to the DAW is Mix Engine FX, which processes every channel routed through a bus both individually at the source and at the summing point, altering your mix in ways that haven’t been possible before. Console Shaper is designed to recreate analogue mixer system topology, providing control over drive, noise, and even true crosstalk across multiple channels.

And console emulation is just the beginning, with more plug-ins to come from PreSonus, Slate Digital, Softube, Acustica Audio and other developers in the coming months.

You can now remote control any number of tracks from VCA Faders, with relative level control and volume automation, while still retaining independent channel control for fine tuning your mix. VCA Faders link with folder tracks to keep things organised and you can automatically create automation tracks for every FX, Bus or VCA channel.

presonus studio one v3.2 screenshot console emulation

Arrow Tool has been made ‘smarter’ by transforming into the range tool when appropriate. You also get new Tab-to-Transient capabilities, faster crossfade editing, new QuickZoom shortcuts, and the function to drag and drop Instrument parts and immediately bounce to audio. New Transport options are now easily accessible. Double-click transport bar meters to quickly make output FX adjustments. And stay in the zone with Play Start Marker and instant looping of selections when editing.

Melodyne 4 Essential features vastly improved tempo detection, mapping, and extraction, and allows you to transpose and quantise polyphonic, harmonic instruments in addition to vocals.

Studio One Remote has been updated to natively support iPad Pro and Windows tablets including Surface and Surface Pro, freeing you from your desk while tracking and mixing.

Studio One 3.2 brings hardware integration to more PreSonus hardware with remote mic preamp control for up to 64 input channels on StudioLive RM Rack Mixers, and also hybrid Fat Channel DSP processing for low latency recording with effects on StudioLive RM Mixers and StudioLive AI Consoles.

Presonus Studio One V3.2 is available as a free update to all current Studio One V3 users.

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