Published On October 3, 2016 | News, Recording/Mixing

soundelux usa u195

You probably wouldn’t call the Soundelux USA U195 a new mic — more an old one that’s making a facelifted reappearance. It’s a cardioid FET microphone based on the original Soundelux U195 which was in production for a decade from 1996, and the Bock 195 which was produced from 2007-2014. With near-identical resemblance to both its formers, the USA U195 maintains the famous ‘FAT’ switch low-frequency control, plus the massive output transformer.

It’s a versatile microphone that’s ideal as a utility mic around the studio that handle anything from overheads to vocals. Improvements over the original U195 include a new one-inch K67 capsule, removing bandwidth restrictions, multiplying the transformer size and removing the atonal inharmonic FET bias system.

The Soundelux USA U195 will go for US$1249.

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