Published On March 9, 2018 | News, Recording/Mixing

Sound Devices has introduced the MixPre-10M, a lightweight and portable multitrack audio recorder designed specifically for musicians and songwriters. The MixPre-10M is a 10-input/12-track recorder, mixer and USB audio interface that comes with a suite of musician-focused features including overdub, remix, reverb, and metronome.

The MixPre-10M features an intuitive touch-screen interface, dedicated mixer knobs, and transport joystick that provide easy access to the tools a musician needs to quickly record vocal melodies, and instrumental hooks/rhythms. The MixPre-10M operates as a 12-in/4-out USB audio interface for a Mac or Windows computer at up to 96k sample rate.  The MixPre-10M works in two recording modes, music project or audio project. A music project offers the music recording essentials, which recapture the spirit and simplicity of traditional music recording freeing you to focus on creativity instead of technology. An audio project is ideal for recording any type of stereo or multi-channel audio and its remix feature provides the ability to re-balance or fix a poorly recorded mix.

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