Published On May 1, 2018 | News, Recording/Mixing

shure kse1200

Shure introduces the KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone System, a portable audio-amplification solution built for those who want high quality sound without sacrificing mobility. The KSE1200 is designed for seamless integration with portable media players common in today’s high-quality audio market. The new model is based on the KSE1500 sound isolating electrostatic earphone system previously released by Shure.

The KSE1200 system leverages the performance and technology of the KSE1500 but bypasses the DSP and digital inputs already built into many of today’s high-quality players. The result is a more compact and affordable solution achieved by the circuitry in the electrostatic portion the amplifier. The KSE1200 is designed to offer high-fidelity listening where portability is a must — such as critical listening, business travel, and within streaming environments via a computer, smartphone or tablet.

The new earphone system has the same sleek and comfortable fit expected from Shure’s SE Earphone line. A fit kit, including a selection of earphone sleeves, is included for secure and comfortable listening.

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