Published On October 18, 2017 | News, Recording/Mixing

Shure has announced enhancements to its SystemOn Audio Asset Management Software that lets you monitor all your Shure devices without them requiring constant babying. Ever wondered how you can stay on top of things like mic battery life more efficiently? SystemOn combats daily microphone issues like battery life and missing devices. It even alerts users through SMS and email when action is required.

New enhancements for Shure Microflex Wireless include remote microphone transmitter linking that enables users to automatically link a mic to an access point in a room from a remote location like a help desk.

New features for Microflex Wireless, ULX-D Digital Wireless, and the SCM820 automatic mixer include a comprehensive inventory dashboard that displays all devices in one simplified homepage, and provides an all-inclusive hardware status view. SystemOn lets you control these devices from a central location, and provide SMS and email notifications for a 360° view of a room’s system, capabilities, and acute needs. SystemOn remotely monitors battery life, product inventory, audio levels, and RF spectrum status for different Shure hardware devices.

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