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Sennheiser has released the MKE 440 stereo camera microphone, apparently the most compact stereo shotgun microphone on the market. It’s designed to predominantly pick up the sound from with the camera angle to give “a well-balanced mix between ambient sound and clearly comprehensible speech and dialogue.” The matched mini-shotguns of the MKE 440 feature super-cardioid pickup patterns that overlap to create a front focus — what Kai Lange, Sennheiser Product Manager, calls “picture-matched stereo ambience… that lets filmmakers capture comprehensible dialogue with just enough ambient sound to preserve the atmosphere of the scene.”

The microphones are shock-mounted internally to reduce handling noise, and a stainless steel micro-mesh provides protection from wind noise. The MKE 440 attached to standard camera hot-shoe mounts, features a three-level sensitivity switch, a switchable low-cut filter, and is powered by two AAA batteries.


Also new is the Sennheiser EK 6042 two-channel camera receiver, a true-diversity device that operates across a bandwidth of 184MHz and can work with analogue and digital Sennheiser transmitters.

“The EK 6042 two-channel camera receiver is an extremely versatile and frequency-agile tool – a “one for all” receiver that will be the go-to solution for Sennheiser wireless users,” said Tobias von Allwörden, product manager, Sennheiser Broadcast and Media. “A further asset is its exceptional ease-of-use, including the auto-configuration feature and the option of conveniently programming the camera receiver via a web interface. As a true-diversity receiver with four separate receiver circuits, the EK 6042 is extra-reliable, even in difficult RF environments.”

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