Published On October 4, 2016 | News, Production


Who better to create a sampled piano than piano manufacturers themselves? The idea made sense to C. Bechstein, German based piano-makers. Feeling the need to fix the gap left by the lack of a sampled C. Bechstein piano, the company chose to create a virtual instrument of its own baby. The acoustic piano of choice was a carefully selected C. Bechstein D 282 concert grand, known for its harmonic richness and powerful tone. Recordings were made in Berlin’s Teldex Recording studio over three weeks, where each note was recorded with multiple variations and articulations, resulting in over 10,000 sample zones voiced individually. Mid-side and a close stereo pair form part of the soundscape options you get from the five microphones, which fed into Merging Technologies converters. C. Bechstein Digital Grand runs in Native Instruments Kontakt sample player, so it’s easy to use in your DAW. You can download the 25.5GB sample pack, or purchase it on a pre-loaded SSD.

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