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roli seaboard australia

Excitement is Rise-ing — the first shipment of Roli keyboards has traversed the eastern Seaboard, crossed the Equator, and made a Grand arrival in Australia. Soon coming to a Stage near you.

The Roli keyboards are an award-winning family of products that’ll completely change the way you think about black & white notes. In fact, here, they’re all black. And they’re not discrete keys per se, rather a continuous surface that allows for unprecedented expressiveness in performance.

Seaboard Rise is a MIDI controller (no built-in sounds) that fuses digital technology, materials technology and industrial design. Five dimensions of expression make the keyboard experience pretty unique — Strike, Press, Glide, Slide and Lift. While it might not look like much, the XY touchpad and three touch faders put a new spin on ‘feeling the groove’. Plus, Seaboard Rise’s size makes it nice and portable. Equator is included as standard; Roli’s software synth for multidimensional sound control. Available in both 25- and 49-key models.

The larger Seaboard Grand has its own internal sound engine to run Equator, or you can use it as a controller if you choose. At first glance it looks ridiculously sparse, with a single circular dial thing sitting at the centre. You can use this to shift between sound presets. Available as a 61-key keyboard.

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  1. Craig Mitchell says:

    Hello – I was wondering if you are stocking/selling the Roli blocks and associated equipment. If so please let me know price and shipping to the Gold Coast. Cheers, Craig Mitchell

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