Published On May 11, 2016 | News, Recording/Mixing

native instruments replika xt

It’s been some time since Native Instruments released its freebie delay plug-in Replika, a fantastic tool in its own right. But now Replika XT has hit the streets — the unbridled version of the freeware we’ve come to love. Replika XT is a creative multi-mode delay with five different modes, from precise digital repeats to lo-fi analogue to lush experimental textures — all with plenty of tweakability. Artist Presets are a welcome addition, featuring custom settings designed by the likes of Funkstörung, Richard Devine Roger Lyons, Marcus Byrne, Chris Shaw and more.

Replika XT is available in all major plug-in formats for use with most DAWs and goes for $149 at the NI online store.

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