Published On April 6, 2016 | Live Sound, News


New from Radial Engineering is the MR5 — a MIDI signal translator that allows you to use a MIDI controller to control any Radial products that use the JR5 foot switch, like the JX44, JX42. The function of the MR5 is basically to convert a MIDI data stram to the same data format used by the JR5, allowing musos to handle instrument and amplifier switching with a MIDI control setup.

You can daisy-chain the MR5 with other MIDI devices using its input and thru ports. A DIP switch on the side lets you lock the MR5 to a single MIDI channel, or select Omni mode. XLR cables connect the MR5 to the JR5 inputs on various Radial products. The device is powered off the host Radial product so no external PSU is required.

More info:
Radial Engineering: www.radialeng.com
Australian Distributor: www.ambertech.com.au

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