Published On November 10, 2015 | News, Recording/Mixing

radial mcboost

Radial Engineering has announced its new product McBoost is now shipping. The McBoost is a 100% discrete, class-A dual FET signal booster for low output dynamic and ribbon microphones. Connected between a microphone and preamp, McBoost is phantom powered and provides up to 25dB extra signal level so gaining up that ribbon mic or SM7 requires much less juice from your preamp.

The McBoost features Radial’s trade-mark all-steel construction with book ends that create protective zones around the switches and controls. Inside, the McBoost has hand matched transistors to ensure absolute performance is achieved with the dual FET class-A circuit. A fully variable front-panel control adjusts the boost level. This is supplemented with a 3-position high-pass filter to eliminate excessive rumble and proximity build-up.  For the purist, a 3-position impedance selector allows the engineer to optimise the load on the mic for greater accuracy or fun effect.  Powering is provided by standard 48V phantom via XLR cable — not batteries or external power supply needed.

Jay Porter from Radial says, “The McBoost is more than just a studio tool. It can be used to drive long cables for broadcast by improving signal to noise and it can bring a condenser-like character to dynamics for both live and studio. Once you plug it in, you will be surprised at all of the great stuff you can do.”

The McBoost is made in Canada and will go for $199 USD.

More info:
Radial Engineering: www.radialeng.com
Australian Distributor: www.ambertech.com.au

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