Pro Tools & Kontakt Finally Fixed

Published On December 19, 2018 | News, Opinion

They’ve finally done it. Pro Tools 2018.12 finally gets it over the High Sierra hump, taking it all the way up to OS X 10.13.6, the last release of that OS version. Breaking through the barrier of 10.13.3 seemed like a real stumbling block for Avid. It simply put up a ‘halt’ sign, saying there was some serious incompatibilities that would make it unable to perform operations at low latencies. Well, it’s fixed now. Just don’t expect Mavericks compatibility to debut anytime soon. The rest of the update? Well, that’s all bug fixes, too.

Another simple but lovely little fix is in Native Instruments Kontakt. I’m not exactly sure when this happened, but I’m sure glad it did. Some time ago, after Kontakt version 5.6.6, NI inexplicably dropped a crucial feature from the program. The ability to Add Library. The rub was, if you reinstalled a library in another location for any reason — re-installing, moving hard drives, moving computers — you could not relink that library in Kontakt without downgrading to 5.6.6. It was a bizarre omission, but it works now, in both Kontakt 5 and 6.

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