Published On November 4, 2015 | News, Recording/Mixing

pro tools 12.3_rs

Pro Tools 12.3 has some awaited updates, and perhaps most notable, ‘track freeze’ functionality has finally arrived. The new ‘Commit’ feature addition makes it much easier to free up CPU resources by printing a track or selection with its processing and automation — once you select the option, Pro Tools will offline render a newly printed track (or tracks) and let you decide what to do with the original track. Definitely useful for a number of situations, especially for sound designers and post production engineers who want to save on processing power for smaller clips. Another great feature is the ability to quickly convert a MIDI performance to audio. This is done by selecting the MIDI region on a track with a virtual instrument inserted on it, and dragging it to an audio track, prompting an offline render of the MIDI performance through the track’s virtual instrument.

There’s also the option to commit multiple-output virtual instruments to individual audio tracks. An improved batch fades window lets you apply different fade shapes to the front and back of clips, and you can even store fade presets. The clip transparency feature now lets you see the waveform when you slide a clip around; sure to please when pocketing vocal and instrument tracks.

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