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Presonus’ Studio One 3 builds on the fast workflow, sound quality, and stability that’s made Studio One popular. Added to that v3 has some innovative songwriting and arrangement tools; new instruments and effects, and a new hi-res multi-touch GUI that had us double-taking. A whirlwind trip through some of the new stuff in the pro version includes: the Arranger Track that allows you to work ‘pattern style’ by dragging ’n’ dropping sections; a Scratch Pad feature in the Song Page that allows you to easily remix, rearrange your song while keeping your original work intact. Browser 3.0 has refined your ability to get around the 10,000+ loops, effects, instruments and presets using ‘musical’ search. Extended FX Chains allows you to creatively combine effects in serial, parallel, by channel or by frequency band.  Meanwhile, Multi Instrument does something very similar, allowing you to stack synths and instrument on a single track and treat it like a single instrument. Version 3 introduces the Mai Tai polyphonic analogue modelling synth; and the Presence sample player is now on ‘steroids’ that takes advantage of the nuances of the new samples library. On the effects front there’s the new Note FX which includes Arpeggiator, Chorder, Repeater, and Input Filter — you get the idea; there’s a new Leslie emulator, called Rotor; and a Bitcrusher effect. The customisable, high-DPI UI with multi-touch support will have heading down the store to buy that 4K monitor (and a touch overlay).

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