Published On May 23, 2018 | News, Recording/Mixing

Presonus has launched its fourth version of Studio One.

Presonus says it’s been designed for efficiency, combining the recording studio model with a beat- and loop-making production process so musical ideas can be realised a lot quicker than before.

A new addition is Harmonic Editing which lets you create and change chord progressions, try out chord substitutions, substitute rich chords for simple ones, and even have older parts follow a new chord structure you came up with. The new tool is sure to be a hit with songwriters.

Built-in chord detection extracts chords from audio or instrument tracks. Drag a part over to Harmonic Editing to create a printable lead sheet. The Chord Selector pulls you out of a creative rut by letting you experiment with new chord patterns and ideas.

Impact XT adds more than 20 requested features and improvements to the Impact sampler. Sample One XT has expanded from sample playback into a fully-fledged sampling tool. Sample, auto-slice, process, trigger, and deconstruct audio sampled from inputs or imported from a track.

Patterns is a giant step forward. It reinvents the step sequencer by offering tight integration with instrument parts, automation, and Impact XT for seamless, fast and fun music making.

An efficient, single-screen interface houses an unlimited number of tracks, intuitive editing tools, and advanced virtual instruments.

There’s heaps more to check out so pay a visit to the Presonus website for the low-down.

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