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With the market flooded by budget recording tools it can all become a bit confusing when making the decision of ‘where to spend your hard earned dollar’. I recently had the opportunity to test out the Eureka channel strip, which hit the market some time ago now, and I must say PreSonus has definitely got it right with this bit of kit.

The PreSonus Eureka is a professional recording channel strip containing a discrete Class-A transformer-coupled microphone preamplifier, FET compressor, and three-band parametric equaliser. The microphone preamp features variable input impedance allowing it to be matched and ‘tuned’ to all types of microphones, as well as a Saturate knob for simulating tube warmth. Standard 48V phantom power, 80Hz filter, 20dB pad and a phase inversion switch are also included.

The compressor features a variable threshold, attack, release, and gain makeup. Soft-knee compression mode and a hi-pass filter on the sidechain for frequency-dependent compression, such as de-essing. There’s also a fully parametric three-band EQ with overlapping bands and switchable staging for the EQ and compressor, enabling the order of the EQ and compression to be swapped. Line, mic and instrument inputs are included as well as an insert send and return. Dual outputs (TRS and XLR) can be used simultaneously, which is cool, as well as an optional digital output card capable of up to 24-bit/192k output on AES/EBU or S/PDIF.

During a recent session I recorded several different signals through the channel strip, including vocals, acoustic guitars, keyboards etc. I was quite surprised by how transparent and quiet this unit is. The lows and highs of anything recorded through it were very tight, and introducing the compression and EQ worked a treat. Even running some of my two-track mixes through two of these boxes helped smooth out a lot of digital harshness from internal mixing.

The PreSonus team has done an extraordinary job squeezing so many features into a single rack unit of this calibre. It’s sleek, well-built and performs every bit as well as many of the more expensive units on the market. For those considering any new purchases, the Eureka is not one you should overlook. Oh and by the way, if the sound doesn’t grab your ears the price tag will! – Adam Ellis

Price: $1250

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