Published On July 9, 2019 | News

The new one-size-fits-all, protecting, shielding, everything proof Mic Cover is now available. Hand-made in South East QLD, Aus, this blue cover fits 99% of studio microphones, and gets Gunter Wagner’s tick of approval.

“I received the mic bag yesterday and I put it through the same test as I did in the past with various materials when I was looking for a suitable material for the dust socks with my U47w.

What I did was check the inner surface under the microscope for loose particles, then moved the material for a few hours (running it inside the laundry tumbler is a great way to put mechanical stress onto the fabric, to loosen fibres), then check it again under a microscope.

This is a very nice material you found there. There was not much fibre dust to begin with and after moving it for hours there was hardly any noticeable change.

The material is very dense, it feels soft and looks great. I don’t know what the stability of the material will be over longer period of time, of course, and under various environmental influence such as humidity, UV-light, musician’s breath…  but after testing it I would have no hesitation to use this material for mic socks.”

The Mic Cover:

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