Published On March 12, 2019 | News, Recording/Mixing

In three decades of experience, Ari Rios, owner and chief engineer at Laughing Tiger Recording Studios, has recorded the likes of Carlos Santana, Tommy Castro, and Maria Muldaur. Recently, Rios made upgrades to Laughing Tiger’s monitoring systems installing one subwoofer per corner, per room — with each system hooked up to its own Powersoft Quattrocanali 4804 amplifier platform.

Rios chose Powersoft amplifiers because “they’re super clean and punchy,” he states, “but they’re also reasonably priced. And because they’re four-channel amplifiers, we could power each control room’s four-subwoofer array from a single unit. Now, the bass response with those enclosures, powered by Quattrocanali amps controlled using a DBX DriveRack — it’s amazing!”

Powersoft: www.powersoft-audio.com
Australian Distributor: www.pavt.com.au

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