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waves scheps parallel particles plug-in

Waves’ new plug-in Scheps Parallel Particles was designed in collaboration with veteran producer/engineer Andrew Scheps as an easy entry into his mixing approach. Four main controls correspond with Scheps’s four go-to mixing processes — Sub, Air, Bite and Thick. Great sounding words. What does each one do?

Sub is a harmonic generator that’ll invent and introduce low frequencies using EQ resonances from the source material. Ideal for those tracks that should be fat but aren’t quite there.

Air uses the same LF information acquired from Sub but rather generates high frequency content and adds it in. Similar effect to an exciter, but not.

Bite “is designed to create sonic vitality and emotion.” More buzz words there, courtesy of Waves. Under the hood, Bite predominantly alters the leading edge of a waveform to increase attack and aggression, though it’s apparently doing stuff to the release of an envelope too.

And if you want “solid body”, look no further than Thick, which does the whole ‘warmth’ EQ curve thing in the mids to make a track sound richer and closer.

If Waves’ colourful descriptions have whet your appetite, head to the site and download the free demo.

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