Published On April 11, 2017 | News, Production

novation components standalone

After spending months in development, Novation has revealed a new update for Components users around the world – Components Standalone. The new update lets you use Components on a Mac or PC offline and without a Facebook or Google login. If you have registered Novation hardware, you can access Components Standalone by signing in to your Novation account.

If you’re wondering what Components is, it’s a platform developed specifically for Novation’s fun groovebox Circuit. Components gives you a suite of free tools so you can expand, tweak and create your own customised instrument.

Components Standalone features easier navigation so you can quickly visit the areas of Components you go to most often. Novation has also made other changes. Sounds can now be cleared in to a trash folder, which empties after 14 days. In addition, pad colours and texts are easier to make out, and the buttons above the grid have been changed to ‘Save to cloud’, ‘Save to desktop’ and ‘Send to Circuit’.

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