Published On November 24, 2017 | News, Recording/Mixing

As Dolby Atmos inches closer to being utilised for streaming media like Netflix, YouTube and live broadcasting, DK-Technologies continues to introduce new and unique methods for measuring audio parameters and loudness from all directions with the DK T7++.

Combining Atmos with the waveform monitor option in the DK T7++ provides the all-in-one meter covering all aspects of professional studio requirements.

Other new features include support for MADI and Ravenna protocols, switching to portrait mode and direct meter control from the mixing console using protocols the such as Ember+. A camera set up together with a smartphone app can detect whether audio and video are out of sync when adding the LipSync option for the DK T7++, a further indication of extensive features that place this model at the top of their range. Another newly released Meter, the PTOT7-LS 3U rackmount/table version of the DK T7 series, is available with built-in loudspeakers.

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