Published On November 17, 2016 | Live Sound, News


Sennheiser has announced a new wireless microphone system called the Digital 6000 Series. It’s designed to be a rock solid choice for strenuous live applications. The product family includes a two-channel receiver in two different versions, a bodypack and handheld transmitter, and a rack-mount 19-inch charging unit. The digital two-channel receiver works across a switching bandwidth of 244MHz (470 to 714MHz) and features true bit diversity. The system latency is 3ms.

The Digital 6000 transmitter uses the same rechargeable accupacks as Sennheiser’s Digital 9000 units. The SK 6000 bodypack is ideal for wireless instruments like guitar and bass, or you can use it with clip-on mics like the MKE 1 or cardioid MKE 40. The Digital 6000 receivers are fitted with a Link Quality Indicator that ensures issues get seen before any dropouts occur.

The L 6000 charger handles up to four charging modules, each of which recharges two bodypack or two handheld batteries. Coloured LEDs display charging status on the front panel. The Wireless Systems Manager offers a more detailed readout if you need it.

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