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Waves introduced the Scheps Omni Channel plugin at NAMM. Designed with Grammy-winning mixer Andrew Scheps, the flexible channel strip delivers Andrew’s own combinations of compression, EQ, saturation colours and more – all crafted to work together seamlessly and cohesively.

Scheps Omni Channel features six modules that you can use in any order you like:

  • The Pre-module provides three types of analogue saturation, letting you add diverse colours of harmonic distortion as well as filters and thump (resonance) controls
  • The Compression module features three completely different compressors ranging from fast to slow and smooth, with a unified control set so you can quickly compare them. A Wet/Dry control lets you parallel compress within the module
  • The EQ module is a four-band equaliser; each band providing a distinct musical sound that can be switched to fully parametric
  • The DS2 module is more than a de-esser, with two full-range bands and four filter types allowing it to ‘de-anything’
  • The Gate module gives you all the standard controls for gating/expansion, but also lets you adjust the maximum noise reduction to maintain a consistent noise floor
  • The Scheps Omni Channel also features an insert slot that can be positioned anywhere in the chain

Created in collaboration with Paul Reed Smith, the Waves PRS SuperModels plug-in models three high-end PRS guitar amps: the PRS Archon; the PRS Dallas; and the ultra-rare PRS Blue Sierra/V9.

  • PRS Archon delivers a shimmering clean or aggressive overdrive; push it harder and you get glorious distortion. A serious pro amp with lush gain, the Archon is ideal for lead or for crunching rhythm, while also offering a clean channel that players of all genres will appreciate.
  • PRS Blue Sierra/V9: Never-before-released even in its hardware form, this ultra-rare amp was originally created as a prototype that eventually became the original format for the PRS J-MOD 100. Evocative of Boutique American guitar amps, it is equally great for clean sounds and medium-gain overdrive tones.
  • PRS Dallas: The Dallas tube guitar amp provides the sounds of classic American reverb amps. The all-tube design produces an open 3D tone for huge-sounding cleans, or an overdriven sound with natural-sounding reverb. A highly musical amp design that was one of Doug Sewell’s first entries in the world amp market, the Dallas offers sweet highs, solid lows and beautiful midrange tones.

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