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DPA announces the launch of a new amplifier technology called Core that lives within its line of miniature lavalier and headset microphones. The new amplifier is designed to minimise distortion as well as increase the dynamic range of DPA’s d:screet and d:fine lines of microphones. The dynamic range has been expanded in all Core miniature capsules. For example, the dynamic range of the d:screet 4061 and the d:fine 4066 has been increased by 14dB at 1% THD. Core technology gives the microphones a more clear and open sound in the whole level range; from a whisper to a scream.

“DPA is renowned for its high-quality, clear and natural sounding microphone solutions,” says René Mørch, product manager, DPA Microphones. “The new Core technology does not replace our existing beloved mics, but rather offers another choice to our worldwide customer base. We want to give our users every option imaginable to capture the sound that they require during any type of production; live sound, theatre, film recording, etc. DPA is excited to provide this new, leading-edge solution that while unseen to the eye, can be heard very clearly by ear.”

Located in the capsule of its miniature mics, Core is currently available in the d:screet 4060, d:screet 4061, d:fine 4066 and d:fine 4088 mics. Microphones purchased with Core within will come in special packaging that will have a blue label near the serial number on the cable. You’ll find a laser engraving stating ‘core’ on the microphone capsule as well. The remaining d:screet and d:fine microphones and full range of colour options will be available with Core technology in early 2018.

The new Core omnidirectional microphones will also provide water and moisture resistance through nano coating and hermetic sealing of the sensitive electronics.

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