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Native Instruments has released a new instrument called Una Corda (Italian for ‘one string’) — a sample library of a custom-made piano. Each note of the piano has a single string of its own, as opposed to a conventional piano’s multiple strings per note. The result is a soft, pure and evocative tone with strong natural resonance.

The original 64-key instrument was built by acclaimed piano maker David Klavins. Crafted with an open frame and a thin, ribless soundboard, the design allows the sound to unfold freely to produce a highly resonant tone. Klavins built an 88-key version of his creation specifically to be sampled for Native Instruments — check out the audio samples on NI’s site to hear it for yourself.

native instruments una corda gui

Una Corda comes with three separate sound banks, each of which captures the sound of a slightly varied piano hammer striking a single string. The first is the natural sound, second is with the hammer striking felt, and the third with cotton. Each selection provides a distinct sonic characters. The GUI also allows ample control over the sound, with Color, Dynamic Range and Space parameters. The Response section lets you adjust overtones and dynamics characteristics. You can even dial up the noise of the fabric, mechanical elements, pedals and the room.

Una Corda is available for $189 on the Native Instruments online store.

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