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presonus faderport 8 angle

The Presonus FaderPort has been around for a while as a nifty, single-fader DAW controller with transport and automation controls — and apparently Presonus reckons it deserved another seven faders to form a ‘proper’ control surface (i.e. with more than one channel strip).

The elevator pitch for any control surface usually includes the ‘get your hands off the mouse’ speech. Not here. Presonus states upfront the FaderPort 8 is designed to be a companion for your mouse, not a replacement. Selecting a track with your mouse reflects instantly on the surface.

presonus faderport 8 close up

FaderPort 8 isn’t in shortage of buttons — it’s got 57 of them, all of which are illuminated. The eight touch-sensitive motorised faders have a 100mm throw. All eight channel strips have their own Solo, Mute and Select buttons, plus a high-definition scribble strip to display track names and the parameter being tweaked. There’s a jog wheel, transport controls, Session Navigator buttons for quick access to important functions, plus four user-programmable buttons. FaderPort 8 supports the Mackie Control and HUI protocols and comes bundled with Studio One Artist (Presonus calls it ‘downright magical’ when FaderPort 8 meets Studio One).

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