Published On January 17, 2018 | News, Production

Following the announcement of MiniBrute 2, Arturia also revealed an exciting new sequencer variant: the MiniBrute 2S. It’s a Eurorack-ready hybrid synthesizer designed from the ground up with an intuitive triple-layered step sequencer and comprehensive mod matrix patchbay. Two VCOs generate the sound of the MiniBrute. It also features an ADSR envelope generator, Brute Factor harmonic drive control, two LFOs with multiple waveforms, and line/headphone outputs. The keyboard is replaced with a set of performance pads and you have space to save up to 64 sequences, with the ability to chain them together to create flowing performances.

Thanks to MiniBrute 2S’s analogue, semi-modular architecture, you have hands-on control of every parameter, so you can oscillators, ride your filters, sync your LFOs, and control your envelopes on the fly to create a sound that’s uniquely yours.

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