Published On November 17, 2017 | News, Production

novation launchpad arcade

Don’t have a Launchpad but always wanted one? Novation has released a browser-based version of its famous clip-triggering controller called Launchpad Arcade that’s a whole lot of fun.

Launchpad Arcade is a place where you can get straight into making music with Launchpad’s familiar clip-based user interface. You can perform tracks from an extensive loop library, and you can even design and play lightshows, too — if you already have a Launchpad device. Launchpad Arcade works inside the Google Chrome browser. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to get going.

If you already own Launchpad hardware, you can install Ableton Live Lite for free or connect to the Launchpad App on your iOS device. The easiest way, however, is with the new Launchpad Arcade — you don’t even need a Launchpad!

Launchpad Arcade is ready for players at all levels. Whether you have zero music-making experience, or you’re an intermediate or advanced user, the quick setup guide will fast-track you to the action.

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