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Sphere Studios is a new, organic, creative space in Los Angeles opened by Francesco Cameli, designed with musicians in mind. Located in North Hollywood, Sphere Studios has a tracking room with a large live area, drum booth, vocal booth, three guitar closets and a private lounge. At centre stage in the control room is a restored Neve 8078 console, while Studio B has an SSL 4072 G+ console. Both controls rooms feature PMC BB5-XBD-A main monitors and PMC AML2 nearfields. The facility also has three production rooms, ideal for smaller projects.

The whole building was rewired with Mogami oxygen free cable, as well as the Neve. Both consoles were recapped and had switches changed over.

Sphere Studios in LA_rs

Alongside PMC speakers, both studios are equipped with Prism Sound ADA-8XR multichannel converter, Pro Tools HDX2 rigs with a Lavry gold print front end and a separate print rig in the mix room. Most of the outboard equipment was shipped over from Sphere Studios in the UK. The new additions are mostly in the amps and instruments category.

“We have three Steinway pianos, a Hammond 2 Rhodes, a Whurly and 30 plus guitar amps, as well as six drum kits and 20-odd snare,” Cameli says. “We also have an extensive microphone collection that includes many favourites and some vintage guitars that I have accrued along the way.”

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