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KV2 Audio’s VHD5.0 large format concert system is going through extensive testing in preparation for its first big-time public performance. The system will be used for two sell out concerts in Bratislava, Slovakia for one of the country’s leading performers Lucie Bílá.

George Krampera Chief Engineer at KV2 said the system had performed beyond their expectations in the preliminary trails but he wasn’t leaving anything to chance. “It is extremely important that the system is 100% reliable before we release it and it starts getting used on the major shows. We are making sure everything is exactly as it should be before we place VHD5.0 in the market.”

Alex Molcanov from Slovakian company Audio Production is in charge of sound for the concerts and made the following comments, “While I know the sound of KV2 audio systems, I was literally shocked during the test of VHD5.0. I have never heard vocal or instruments so directly in my face when standing over 50m from the PA in an empty venue. Clearly, loudly, without distortion, transparent. Of course, to get such a result, the whole audio chain has to respect some principles, it’s logical. Only the source is the limit. I fully trust in George’s abilities but I am still surprised every time I hear this system. I think, that this technology makes it possible to bring more emotions from stage to the audience and that’s what a PA system should do. Nothing else. I think that George and his team did excellent job!”

Jeffo Minarik, Producer and Director of the show said: “I have been doing big shows for 15 years. I’ve never given any extra importance to sound or the PA system. Mostly visual effects like lights, LED screens etc. are dominant. In my experience all the major PA systems performed equally, with some subtle differences, until now! This is something totally different, literally fascinating. Now I realise how big a difference there is between point source and line array systems and what the audience is losing by using regular digital technology. I believe this system is revolutionary, KV2 VHD5.0. with an analogue mixer is the most perfect sound I’ve ever experienced. Suddenly, sound was right in front of me while I was standing 50m from the system, unbelievable. Such clear, fast, powerful sound creates an amazing experience. I predict a huge success to this system.”

Big statements. The VHD5.0 has been going through a process of refinement and is now in the final stages of testing. We look forward to hearing it here in Aus.

More info:
KV2 Audio: www.kv2audio.com

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