Published On May 18, 2018 | News, Recording/Mixing

You may have heard of REDDI — a tube D.I. unit known for the tone it produces on bass guitar. It’s used by professional session bassists worldwide and coveted by every other type of bassist thanks to its steep price tag. Until now. A-Designs Digital by Kush has released the famous REDDI as a DAW plug-in.

With an oversized power supply, tube gain circuit and beefy transformer, the sound of the REDDI hardware is unmistakable, described by Kush as “a very forward, tight and punchy sound that drops bass straight into the pocket of dense mixes with less processing than usual.”

The plug-in faithfully captures that tight quality, then dramatically expands the tonal possibilities with a simple ‘Bass’ knob that drives the subs into distortion, yielding a tone that is thicker and heavier without making it noticeably louder.

The plug-in also adds a ‘+20dB Headroom’ switch which gives the REDDI an even mellower harmonic signature and allows for more subtle degrees of saturation. On electric guitar, synths, and Rhodes, REDDI adds a lovely shimmer without any EQ, a very useful tone shift accomplished strictly through its gentle and beautifully crafted harmonic series.

Kush Audio: www.thehouseofkush.com

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