Published On September 5, 2017 | News

Kross 2 succeeds the original Kross and is a compact, portable workstation with a huge range of sounds. The new model enhances Kross’s sounds and functionality and has a built-in selection of over 1000 presets plus 128MB of expansion PCM memory. Also new is a pad sampler that allows full-fledged sampling with 16 playable pads. You can record the input from the Line In jack and assign a stereo sample of up to 14 seconds to each pad. Up to four pads can be triggered simultaneously. The colour scheme is even more stylish, and the user interface allows intuitive operation even by beginners. The 61-key version weighs only 3.8kg — that’s a big deal for Korg whose keyboards usually weigh a ton. The synth can be run off six AA batteries for seven hours if you want to go mobile.

Effortlessly select the sound that you want to play, shape it to match your imagination, sample a sound, create phrases and rhythms, record your vocal or guitar, bring Kross 2 on stage, and perform. Whatever you artistic vision, you can make it happen. Kross 2 is a versatile synthesizer platform made with creative freedom in mind.

Korg: www.korg.com
Australian Distributor: www.cmi.com.au

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