Published On May 12, 2016 | News, Recording/Mixing

izotope pro audio essentials

iZotope has jumped into the audio education world by creating Pro Audio Essentials, a free game-based course for music producers to practise and improve their audio skills. The experience is web-based, and pretty unique in its concept.

Pro Audio Essentials offers a combination of audio games, ear training, and instructional videos which iZotope says caters to beginner and experienced audio engineers alike. With instruction designed by mastering expert Jonathan Wyner, iZotope’s Director of Education, Pro Audio Essentials points to the company’s deep-rooted dedication to educating and empowering users.

“We were eager to evolve the current landscape of audio education-to help shift the balance from passive learning to active learning on foundational topics like EQ,” comments Wyner, “We challenged ourselves to develop an online resource that’s both interactive and engaging, so our community can not only learn by doing, but genuinely enjoy themselves along the way.”   

“For us, it’s all about helping music makers succeed, and we know that stronger skills lead to better-sounding tracks,” adds Claire Harding Hollenbeck, iZotope’s Vice President of Education and Content Marketing. “It’s a thrill to hear back from participants who feel they are improving, and that they’re eager to come back for more practice. We invite everyone to give us their feedback and comments, which will help us further develop Pro Audio Essentials as the go-to tool for audio education.”

More info:
iZotope: www.izotope.com
Australian Distributor: www.elfa.com.au

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