Published On July 18, 2016 | News, Production

zont synthesizer

At first glance it looks like an unashamed copy of Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operator, but a deeper look will reveal the micro-sized Zont digital synthesizer to be an entirely different beast.

It’s got sharp looks, that’s for sure — kinda like a futuristic calculator without numbers. What makes Zont really cool is its interchangeable sound cartridges, and you’ll find four of them in the box. Think of it like a back-pocket version of a modular synth setup. The LED-backlit buttons can be used to input both rhythm/sequencer steps or notes, and the AMOLED display gives you a readout of tones and settings. It’s even got a set of stereo speakers built in.

Connectivity is comprehensive — you get a 3.5mm headphone jack plus Bluetooth compatibility, RCA, USB-C and MIDI outputs. Wi-Fi integration allows for cloud-based collaboration when you sit the Zont in its Studio Dock. What’s more, Zont will pair up with your smartphone for extra flexibility and features.

Unfortunately we’ve still got a fair wait before we see this thing in action. Zont is scheduled for release mid-to-late 2017.

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