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ik multimedia vocalive 3

VocaLive 3 by IK Multimedia is the updated version of the company’s full-featured vocal effects and production suite for iPhone and iPad — and it’s been given some nice new features.

Five on-board vocal effects (Pitch Fix, Choir, Morph, De-esser, and Doubler) let you process your tracks with a fair amount of flexibility. There are also seven separate ‘studio’ effects and processing tools like reverb, delay, EQ, compressor, etc. It also allows you to add up to four effects in the chain and use your iDevice to perform live or record with its integrated recorder. The app is designed for use with IK’s wide range of iRig interfaces.

Mic Room is a microphone modelling feature that’s new in VocaLive 3. It lets you choose from 20 different studio mic emulations and add the sound and colouration of some famous mic pres — quite like what’s been done by Slate Digital, only on a smart device. VocaLive 3 will even let you ‘re-mike’ tracks to alter their sound.

VocaLive 3 also features a new four-track looper that’s easy to use and can be controlled by any iOS compatible MIDI controller. Activate the first loop channel, record your performance, and layer up another three tracks on top of it. Plenty of fun to be had.

What’s more, you also get up to eight channels of simultaneous multi-track recording with the available built-in mixer. All the expected controls are at your disposal like pan, level, mute, solo, effects arm, dual sends per channel, and a master effects section.

More info:
IK Multimedia: www.ikmultimedia.com
Australian Distributor: www.sound-music.com

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