Published On December 10, 2015 | News, Recording/Mixing

ik multimedia mic room

In a similar vein as Slate’s Virtual Microphone System that was announced recently, IK Multimedia has released T-Racks Mic Room — a microphone-modelling module designed to emulate a collection of over 20 different microphones including various condensers, dynamics and ribbons. IK states that each of Mic Room’s microphone models has been meticulously crafted to provide accuracy and detail, recreating each microphone’s frequency response and sonic character.

Mic Room functions as a stand-alone plug-in for Mac or PC, or it can be used as a module within T-Racks in your DAW of choice. It allows the users to select the microphone actually used for the original recording, then choose a new microphone to alter the character of the track — in effect ‘re-miking’ the source. Extra tone control features allow further sound-shaping.

More info:
Australian Distributor: www.sound-music.com or (03) 9555 8081

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