Published On April 5, 2016 | Live Sound, News


HK Audio has added five active full-range cabinets to its Premium PR:O lineup. The new Premium PR:O D cabinets benefit from all-new, DSP-powered preamps and updated ultra-efficient class-D power amps, plus they’re more affordable than their predecessors.

Alexander Wollenberg, HK Audio Product Manager, said: “We’re immensely proud of the fact that PREMIUM PR:O D delivers more sound pressure, noticeably more bass and a more balanced frequency response than its predecessors, and at a cheaper price too.”

Martin Drumm, the HK Audio engineer who developed PREMIUM PR:O D, said: “Our focus this time round was on transparent sound with excellent voice reproduction and midrange qualities, and we’ve certainly achieved that. New components and the low distortion combination of one-inch driver and CD horn also mean the D models achieve a full 90° coverage angle – which is hugely advantageous for the user, especially in wider areas over short distances.”

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