Published On May 14, 2015 | News

Grove Studios

Ex-BJB owner and now head of A&R at EMI, Scott Horscroft, bought the Grove Studios complex a year and half ago, and when AT interviewed him then, he’d had a bit of time away from BJB, tried the isolated writing studio thing, and decided he’d rather be part of a community again. That was the whole idea behind the Grove purchase, to get all those artists and engineers that had found a home at BJB enjoying the fruit of collaboration again. It wouldn’t hurt that the 25-acre property had one of the best mix rooms in the country, a resort-sized pool and plenty of accommodation. Since then, the producer’s paradise — with four studios, SSL and Harrison consoles, and a truckload of Horscroft’s personal collection thrown in — has attracted the likes of Burke Reid, Matty Lovell and Andy Mak, and Horscroft’s community is in place.

Now, The Grove has partnered with the Regional Music Institute to offer a nine-month Diploma of Sound Production for up-and-comers wanting to be part of that community. This Saturday, May 16, the studio is having an Open Day for interested students where all four studios will be operating, including a full live band recording, Pro Tools workshop with an EDM production bent, singer/songwriter Q&As, tours, mix critique sessions, a BBQ lunch, the whole lot. Who knows, if you bring your togs, you might even be able to take a mid-session dip.

It’ll run from 10am-2pm, and there are shuttle buses heading off from Gosford station. So if you’ve got curly questions for the in-house engineers, want to meet some hardworking producers, and think a sound production course might be for you, head to to register you interest. It’s free, but places are limited.

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