Published On December 7, 2017 | News, Production

When it comes to quality analogue-modelling software synthesizers, Arturia’s V Collection has never disappointed. Besides the impeccable recreations of classic synths and keyboards, we’ve always loved Arturia’s idea of consolidating all those instruments into a central performance-optimised location by creating Analog Lab.

Version 6 of V Collection has just been announced, and to everyone’s delight it comes with four brand new recreations — the Buchla Easel (pictured), Fairlight CMI, Clavinet, and Yamaha DX7 (still notoriously hard to program). The newbies sound super impressive and the GUIs look so authentic you kinda wish each one came with its own desktop background image. That takes the total number of instruments to 21 and of course every V Collection instrument can run as a standalone application or DAW plug-in (AU, VST and AAX formats). V Collection 6 also brings updates to two existing instruments; Piano V 2 has three extra piano models, and Analog Lab 3 has a redesigned GUI, new sounds, models, and controller integration.

Arturia and Australian distributor CMI kindly supplied us with beta versions of V Collection 6 and we’re hooked. Stay tuned for a full review plus a video walk-through of some of the new instruments and features.

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