Published On September 6, 2012 | News

It had to happen. Focusrite has turned its attention to recording directly on the iPad with the launch of the new iTrack Solo, a compact, aluminium-cased 2-channel interface for the iOS platform. Of course, it’s also fully compatible with Mac and PC computers, but this is aimed straight at iPad users. Focusriteʼs iTrack Solo is a dual-input audio interface designed for recording instruments and vocals with audio quality good enough to be used in the final mix. The interface is compatible with GarageBand and other popular recording apps, and it can be used on a Mac or PC with up to 24-bit/96kHz digital performance. iTrack Solo features the same Focusrite microphone preamp that’s used in Focusriteʼs flagship Liquid Saffire 56 interface. The second channel is a separate instrument input for guitar and bass. A supplied cable connects iTrack Solo to the iPad, powered by the included USB cable with the buss delivering enough to run the iTrackʼs high-specification components. There is a pair of phono connectors on the rear panel for connecting an audio system for playback and the single headphone output can be switched to direct monitoring. Full specs are at


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