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focusrite clarett octopre

The eight-channel ADAT mic preamp has returned! Focusrite has jumped back on board with its new Clarett OctoPre — borrowing half its name from the popular, older OctoPre series. The pitch, as always, is easy digital input expansion; an attractive option if you’re in need of more pres and the little Toslink connector on your interface is sitting idle. But more than that, Clarett OctoPre’s preamps themselves just might offer you a step up from your interface’s built-in counterparts. In our review of the Focusrite Clarett 8Pre interface, these preamps showed to have impressive detail and tone, especially when you switch in the ISA-modeled Air setting which alters the circuit to give a more extended top end.

Metering for the eight channels is visible on the front panel. Another handy addition is an insert point on the six rear-mounted inputs, switchable from the front. Conversion is up to 24-bit/192k, and analogue outputs are available via a DSUB connector. In addition, the 1U Clarett OctoPre comes with word clock I/O, 48V phantom power on all inputs, DI inputs on channels 1 & 2, and an overload LED next to each gain pot.

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