Published On May 2, 2018 | News, Recording/Mixing

The Evo Channel by Flux is a channel strip plug-in designed to be as fast and efficient as possible for mixing and mastering applications. An adaptable module-based layout lets you drop channel strip modules into any order you like. The list of modules include a Spectrum Analyser derived from Flux’s Pure Analyzer software with an accurate view over the entire frequency range. Add some analogue soft saturation with the Drive module. There’s a linear phase correction tool with zero latency. The proprietary State-Space technology parametric EQ and filters have been tuned to preserve optimal signal to noise ratio independently from parameter settings. A multi-mode compressor is taken from the Flux Pure Compressor engine and offers nine different compression types in the one module. Yet another module called Touch acts as a transient shaper of sorts, with seven different modes. Evo Channel supports Dolby Atmos and Ambisonic and the plug-in comes with 50 factory presets from sound engineer Yves Jaget.

Flux: www.fluxhome.com

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