Published On April 6, 2016 | News, Recording/Mixing

eventide tverb david bowie tony visconti

Tverb is Eventide’s new plug-in made in collaboration with Tony Visconti to mimic the sound of the title track of David Bowie’s album, Heroes. Visconti famously recorded Bowie’s vocals in Berlin’s Meistersaal with three microphone placed varying distances from him, gated to open as he sang louder and louder. Tverb integrates three completely independent reverbs with compression and selectable polar patterns on microphone 1 and adjustable gates on microphones 2 and 3. “I have plugins that emulate rooms but this concept, to have the set-up all on one page, I never thought it was possible” commented Tony Visconti, adding “The three microphones are correct, the room is correct, and now that it’s in stereo, you’re actually hearing something that I never got around to doing when I was in Berlin. It’s just great.” The plug-in includes presets created by Tony Visconti and other artists.

Tverb is available for AU, VST and Pro Tools AAX for Mac and PC at an introductory price of $149 until May 31st, 2016 (MSRP $249).

More info:
Audio Chocolate: (03) 9813 5877 or www.audiochocolate.com.au

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