Published On September 21, 2017 | Live Sound, News

ev elx200 series

The ELX200 series is the latest member of the EV portable loudspeaker family, with 10-, 12-, and 15-inch two-way models accompanying 12- and 18-inch subwoofers. Both powered and passive versions are available. The enclosures are made of durable composite material to balance structural integrity with with light weight, while subwoofers are enclosed in a wooden cabinet coated with a protective polyurea finish.

The ELX200 series can be controlled with the new Bluetooth QuickSmartMobile app which lets you wirelessly configure the system and monitor up to six systems simultaneously. The app makes it quick and easy to dial in settings in real time from in front of the speakers. Additional EV-signature features include SST (Signal Synchronised Transducers) waveguide design for more precise and consistent coverage, and QuickSmartDSP for intuitive one-knob system setup.

Electro-Voice: www.electrovoice.com
Australian Distributor: www.boschcommunications.com.au

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