Published On April 6, 2016 | News, Production

Solo Strings Bundle 1_rs

Embertone’s Intimate Strings Solo series is now completed with the release of the Intimate Strings Solo Bundle. It’s a 3.5GB package with over 4000 samples, legato programming with true portamentos, custom Kontakt scripting, flexible key-switching, vibrato control, four dynamic layers, and more. Starting out with the Friedlander Violin, Embertone added Blakus Cello, Fischer Viola, and now the Leonid Bass to make up the bundle — which is being offered at a price significantly cheaper than buying all four individually. To quote company co-founder Alex Davis, “What makes these instruments stand out is a combination of realism and control. Often you’ll find virtual instruments with an impressive out-of-the-box sound that fall flat when you try to blend them to your music and phrasing. There are a handful of amazingly controllable instruments that just don’t sound real. Our entire existence as a company is to bridge that gap!” Purchases can be made on the Embertone website.

More info:
Embertone: www.embertone.com

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