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dBTechnologies opens its doors to sound engineers, sales professionals, onlookers and fans of the audio world as ProLight+Sound in Frankfurt (Germany) rolls around again.

The main focus of this edition will be a double demo of the active line array VIO L212, protagonist of the outdoor demonstration at the Live Sound Arena of the Frankfurt Messe complex, with a system composed of 10 VIO L212 per side completed by 16 active subwoofers VIO S218 and 2 VIO X205 as front fills.

VIO L212 is being showcased also at dBTechnologies booth, where every day the product specialist team shows visitors how the system can be set up and rigged in just a few minutes thanks to the special 3-point rigging system and dedicated accessories.

Among the 2019 previews presented in Frankfurt by the Italian manufacturer, the new VIO X205 active system, which condenses the sound characteristic of the VIO X point source series into an ultra-performing cabinet with reduced dimensions (150 x 485 x 240mm, for only 7.8 kg) that is well suited to different applications: as a small full range system, FOH monitor, fixed installations, or front fill in medium and large size sound reinforcement systems.

VIO X205 is a 2-way system equipped with premium components (2 x 5-inch LF and 1 x 1-inch HF) and Digipro G3 400W RMS amplifier module. Like all other members of the VIO X family, the small 205 allows full remote control via RDNet communications and Aurora Net control software. The cabinet is available in 2 different models featuring a different acoustic design that ensures coverage of 60-degree x 60-degree (for VIO X205-60) or 100-degree x 100-degree (for VIO X205-100).

Another new addition to the VIO professional systems family is VIO W10 active wedge, featuring an ultra-flat design (just 16.5 cm high) and a variable acoustic focus via on-board presets (default, close, wide, and far positions) or, alternatively, via Aurora Net software (the VIO W 10 is also ready for remote control via RDNet).

3 new models in the active FMX monitor series are also being previewed: 10-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch active coaxial monitors equipped with the latest generation DSP with linear phase FIR filter, in order to ensure precise directivity and maximum adaptability to the needs of each artist.

Soon available in stores, SYA is a 2-way active speaker series encompassing 10-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch models- SYA aims to combine efficiency with professional sound performance and immediacy of use. The SYA series is in fact equipped with a powerful DSP with linear phase FIR filters, Bluetooth connection, 3 INPUT channels. 

The professional subwoofers of the SUB 900 series are available as single 15-inch or 18-inch subwoofer. Both models are remotely controlled by Aurora Net software, which adds to the onboard controls (delay and crossover frequency) to make SUB 900 the ideal low-end match for dBTechnologies active speakers enabled for communication via RDNet.

Born as a complement to the LVX wooden series, the new LVX P series moves towards the world of installation with a selection of passive full-range cabinets and where a clean, essential design merges with a very detailed and coherent audio performance. The series will be available in 4 full-range models from 8-inch to 15-inch and 2 single subwoofers from 15-inch and 18-inch. dBTechnologies offers as a complement to the series the new A2TI and A4TI amplifiers.

PL+S offered a sneak preview for upcoming DEM30 in-ear-monitor system and the RW16 wireless microphone system, available later this year.

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